Exploring Depression and Anxiety Through Music

For the past week I have been so excited, so happy and so into Chastity Belt’s new album I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone. It’s not officially released until this Friday, June 2nd, but NPR so graciously put it up to stream.

This album is no doubt about depression, anxiety and those occasional moments when it all goes away and you’re “feeling like a real champ” (but for how long). And for once I feel like I am listening to an album that has no gender identity based around the identity of the band members. It is instead stripping these issues that can sometimes seem “female” or “male”, down to the core of just human. This album wraps the experience of being human into one.

I appreciate all of this so much from musicians, and it’s something I hope I achieve through my own songwriting. Music gives us the ability to communicate through a collective consciousness and help each other figure shit out, even if we don’t know each other!

I could cite half the lyrics on this album and talk about how they resonate so hard with me, but I recommend just going right into it (and the band’s previous works). If for nothing else, it’s because you’re intrigued by their name.

Thank you Chastity Belt.


Let’s Talk About Stress

This week I thought I would be sharing how my appointment went with Dr. Seckin, the Endometriosis specialist in New York City.

However, last week (literally the last week of winter) a snow storm by the name of Stella hit everywhere between D.C. and Boston. It conveniently shut shit down the day before I was supposed to travel and just two days before my appointment.

But I didn’t let my adrenal glands kick into high gear too quickly. I took a deep breath…

Then mumbled to myself “You’re testing my patience Endometriosis”, whilst calmly making all the needed changes to my itinerary.

I really feel like I handled the whole situation well (no stress-induced headaches involved), and even got to treat myself to finally seeing the beauty that is the film Moonlight.

But I was tested again, because I still went to NYC for 26 hours, just two days after the storm.

Why the fuck would I do that?

Because I couldn’t miss seeing Patti Smith, amongst others, play at Carnegie Hall for Philip Glass’ 80th Birthday Celebration!

This was scheduled for the day after my appointment and was one of two planned “fun things”. The other was a free taping of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which was cancelled anyway (one day, Trevor… one day).

Luckily, this was also the one day I was there with friends, who brought light to the darkness that is Manhattan (because the buildings there are so goddamn tall the sun barely hits the streets).

So I conquered the shit out of that city. I walked slow. I was nice to people. Oh and I smiled while I was there. I’m sure no one noticed though. For a place with such tall buildings, no one looks up enough.

I asked, “What would His Holiness The Dalai Lama do whilst here?”

“He would laugh!”, said one of my friends.

So I sat in the back of a taxi moving one inch per minute, and laughed. I laughed at the kids on the school bus making funny faces at me. I laughed at how ridiculous it is to take your dog out for a poo in a concrete jungle. I laughed at Iggy Pop shaking his bum on the stage of Carnegie Hall.

Erin 1, Stress 0.