Sometimes you have to break away.

Sometimes you have to feel like you’re going to run out of money.

Sometimes this is what it’s like to live.

Sometimes you cannot be secure.

Sometimes you can feel free.

Sometimes you can heal.

Sometimes you can grow.

Sometimes you can eat cereal at night.

Sometimes you are okay.

You have cereal.

You have your breath.

Sometimes you want to roam the Earth.

Sometimes you want to connect with every soul.

Sometimes you want to live in every corner of the world.

Sometimes things are crazy just for the sake if it.

Sometimes taking a leap is boundless.


Today I am playing this Dan Croll song on repeat, because sometimes music is all that makes sense:




You Are Alone

You are alone

In this world

Despite living

With many others

You tiptoe around

Each other

Waiting your turn

To emerge

From the bedroom

You are alone

In this world

Despite being together

You tiptoe around

Each other

Barely embracing

You are alone

In this world

Despite traveling

With a million others

You close your eyes


Enough to be


You are alone 

In that world

As well

I Am Waiting

I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting

To see if the pain will stop

To see if I’ll feel better


For them to love me

For them to come home

For them to let me go


For a true purpose

For the wind to stop blowing

And the weather to get warmer


For a parcel in the post

For an epiphany to solidify I am human

And not a ghost


For my plane to arrive

And waiting to take off

I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting

For things to begin

And end



I have so many potential posts sitting in my drafts folder. There has been a wide variety of strange occurrences in my life in the past few weeks, and I simply cannot wrap my thoughts up tight enough to conjure a single-subject essay of any kind. This week, instead, seems like a good time to share a poem.


Masculine energy

Is ever prevalent

In myself

In them

And the female president


It’s no comfort

To be accosted

With the deep sounds

Of patriarchy


This bench

I chose

Serves it’s purpose

Or so it goes


I will not budge

I will not fight

This bench

Is mine

It is

My right


This bench

I chose

Serves it’s purpose

Or so it shows


Masculine energy is

Ever prevalent

Sinking deeper

And deeper

Into the pavement


Off they go

And I still reside

On this beat up bench

That I found