Pain in the Uterus!

It seems as those women are expected to endure pain. From high heeled “shoes”, to underwire bras, to corsets (the original underwire bra), to form fitting clothing that cuts off your circulation. We’re pretty much tough as shit because of this, so what’s a little uterus or ovary pain, right?

My mom shared an astonishing article (here) with me about how a woman with extreme abdominal pain had to “wait her turn” at an EMERGENCY room in Brooklyn, New York, because the EMTs, doctors and nurses all down played her pain and they were overcrowded with patients. Lucky for her, her husband was there to advocate for her, as she was in so much pain she was left unable to barely communicate. That sounds like an emergency to me, emergency room personnel!!! And maybe that’s just it. We’re dealing with “medical professionals” who are not taking people seriously anymore. It’s like they think we enjoy coming to the emergency room just to mess with them and that nothing is ever wrong with the human body. If they don’t see blood spewing out of you, then tough luck. This woman was not even physically examined until a male doctor clocked out and a female doctor clocked in right after, showing immediate disbelief at the situation. It turns out that the male doctor said “it’s kidney stones” and basically sedated her with pain killers. It turns out she had something called ovarian torsion—the fallopian-tube twists, and cuts off blood. There was no saving that ovary. They had to take it out and they should have done so 14 hours earlier (the overall time this woman ended up spending in the ER)!

I have been lucky in my recent hospital visits to go to one specifically designed for women and all that goes on inside our nether regions. From one visit, I recall in my oxygen-high stupor, the male EMTs having never seen such pain from a female related issue and looking just as scared and baffled as I, the one with the heart rate of 46. The one female EMT looked calm and said she knew exactly how I felt. The female doctor who saw me did an ultrasound. My current (male) gynecologist doesn’t see a reason to do an ultrasound, MRI or CT scan to look deeper into my pain.

So, what’s the deal gents? Do you need to literally walk a mile in our shoes before you can take our pain seriously and provide us with better medical care? You’ve been warned, they fucking hurt.


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