Significance of the Lioness

The lioness hunts for food for herself and her cubs only to have the lion almost immediately take it for himself. She chooses her mate and lashes out at him if he is not satisfactory. He cowers away. The lioness does what she needs to do, while also making sacrifices. But she is the true leader of her den.

More and more throughout my journey of chronic pain I find myself needing to be in the natural world. I am my true self in the ocean, on top of a mountain or in a forest. If I don’t see or feel water for a long period of time I feel restless and off. I feel immediately healed when I return to it.

I feel more and more insignificant as a human when I see what nature can do.

Realizing this has helped me accept my health the way it is.

Realizing this has helped me stay positive during a stressful political era.

Realizing this has helped me change my lifestyle to one that harms the planet as little as possible.

Realizing this has made me see I am no lioness.

But I can learn from her while I am here.




2 thoughts on “Significance of the Lioness

  1. Beautiful description of self-knowledge. For me the first step is always to really feel what I’m feeling, to listen to my body. Our bodies do not lie. They are always telling us our truth. Thank you for sharing the lioness. A funny 2 y.o. Lorelei story. The other Day while looking at a book she pointed correctly to momma, dadda and baby lions. The ideas start early.


    1. Thank you Linda! After writing this post I had another thought – that in this modern age we often separate the mind and body. But once we realize they’re one, we can truly listen to the truth of our bodies. They certainly do not lie! I love that Lorelei story 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


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